Agile Leadership


It’s about agile Leadership and agile Management –

in the “VUCA world” – unstable, uncertain, complex and multi-ambiguous.

In this “VUCA World”, with the additional challenges, e.g. Digitization, to compete in global competition, the basic prerequisite is an agile organization.
I accompany you on your way to the agile organization, because you need agile employees and agile executives. My goal is to enable you, your employees, your processes and the relevant interactions to develop into an agile, sustainable and successful organization.

I offer you also professional Management skills Training.

Integrated learning combines presence events with modern forms of e-learning. This is for me the future of executives qualification. Different media and methods associated with theory and practice, e.g. “Training on the Job / shadowing”, ensure sustainable learning.

My goal is to enable you beyond the pure “Leadership knowledge” to the “Ability to lead”.

My motto: Leaders must lead!

(By Kambiz Poostchi)

I bring my 20 years of Leadership and Management experience to the Management skills Training.