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You ask yourself “what can you expect from me ? ”

In 30 years of Management and Leadership experience with an international automotive manufacturer, I have experienced many consultants and also hired them myself. I know exactly what you expect from a good consultant, so I have become self-employed as a Management consultant in 2017.

20 years of Management experience, including 14 years as a Senior Manager, complemented by a master’s training as a systemic consultant and coach complete my profile.

My strengths are among others, my implementation and solution orientation. In addition, I place the people, the processes and the appropriate interactions in the foreground. This ensures sustainability for you, your employees and your company.

I look forward to your challenges!

My approach is:

  1. analysis
  2. concept
  3. implementation

Together with you and your employees, I analyze your initial situation. In the conceptual design, I build on your individual initial situation and your resources, then I aline the start concept with you. The agile implementation takes place in ever-recurring short phases with defined intermediate objectives, success checks and mandatory process releases.

it`s about: Implementation – Agility – Digital Transformation – Leadership – Sense and Sustainability !

I offer:

  • Management Consulting

  • Management Support

  • Projekt Management & Lean Management

  • Personal Coaching and Team Coaching

  • Organization and culture development

  • Consulting and coaching for company consultants - staff & teams

In the fields of:

  • Supply Chain Management & Automotive

  • Supplier management

  • Logistics service provider management

  • Production service management

  • Start-up & maturity management

  • Shopfloor Management