“For me, Ralph Lambright is a dazzling personality, with an uncanny range to stage with his person in many corners. It can be extremely analytical, can be embedded in emotional, biographical, and possibly spiritual themes”.

“Ralph Lambright creates meeting places for people”.

Volker KöhningerCompany consultant and managing director of Köhninger PME, an international training and consulting company. Trainer at the ISB Institute for Systemic Consulting Dr. Bernd Schmid, in Wiesloch.

„Ralph Lambright, in his personality, unites the technical orientation and pragmatics of an engineer with the ability to transmit and receive an experienced executive.

Ralph Lambright uses the different perspectives for the benefit of his customers in order to make their various changes in their change visible, to focus on them in a well-mannered way, and to accompany the chosen goals in a fruitful manner“.

Norbert HildebrandtCoaching, full jury, systemic personnel expert and technical author has been with the medium sized company with a focus on personnel development on the market for 25 years. Customers are international corporations, authorities, family businesses and self-employed persons.

„Management and leadership experience, systemic consulting expertise and a never-ending decline in the implementation of important topics and projects for change in one sentence highlights the main strengths and characteristics of Ralph Lambright.

In addition to this, an insatiable curiosity, combined with a constant search for people and organizations, understands the meaningfulness as an essential basis of your action.

These qualities make working with Him a positive experience“.

Ralf SchwäglerOrganizational developer, systemic consultant and coach, change management and strategy development at Daimler AG, Sindelfingen plant