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Coaching Seminar

Agile leadership and agile management in the “VUCA world” – unstable, uncertain, complex & multi-ambiguous. Read more

Further education

  • On 25.10.2013 I received the master certificate as a systemic advisor at the Institute for Systemic Consulting Dr. Bernhard Schmid in Wiesloch.
  • On 22 and 23 April 2013, I started the master’s training of the systemic consultant at the Institute for Systemic Consulting Dr. Bernd Schmid in Wiesloch.
  • I have continued to work in contextual coaching at the Coaching Academie in Bielefeld, Maria and Stephan Crämer. I had already finished the basic training for the contextual coaching in February 2012.
  • In May 2012 I did the relationship training – people and relationships.
  • I visited and finished the 1st 2nd and 3rd part of the communication training for the contextual coaching in September, October and November 2012.
  • The relationship training – people and relationships that I had already graduated in May 2012, I repeated with my life partner in December 2012.

Current education

  • Enjoy workcamp – Life & amp; Working worlds with a future, 11 and 12 November 2016, Stuttgart
  • ISB Master Meeting, 9 and 10 Dec. 2016, Wiesloch
  • Ongoing – Peergroup Stuttgart / Tübingen

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Startup consultant

I am very happy to work as a start-up advisor in young companies, Young people have taken on management tasks and the team and companies are growing rapidly.

Executives Qualification, counseling and coaching assist supervisors and management in dynamic corporate cultures. Read more

Agile leadership, digitalization, the future of work

New Work is again on 12 Dec 2016 at Dexina, 71034 Böblingen, Bahnhofspassage 2 at 6.30 pm. (See my XING page)

I have been moderating the meeting with interested and committed participants since 2014.